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Pastor's Bio

Under Christ, Pastor Robert Totman is submitted to the direction and oversight
of Pastor Robert Wajokere of Bukoto Evangelical Church, Uganda,
and this Church-plant is governed through a plurality of elders.

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Robert S. Totman is a child of the Most High God, a devoted husband to Susan and father to their four children.  He is also a missionary who is church-planting in North Dakota, a pastor and an evangelist. 

Robert worked as an air traffic controller (ATC) for 15 years.  He started that career in 1987 by completing the rigorous ATC training as “Distinguished Honor Graduate.”   In 1996 he reached the pinnacle of the Federal Aviation Administration’s air traffic control system by receiving promotion to the New York Air Route Traffic Control Center.  Robert was actually on duty in New York as an air traffic controller on September 11, 2001. Just like the World Trade Center, tall and stately as the towers were, Roberts life began to come crashing down that day too.  He describes 9/11 as the beginning of the end of a dark season.


That dark season brought Robert face to face with the fruit of his very best efforts in life. By mid 2002 he was overwhelmed by a myriad of addictions and shamefully lost his job. His marriage was all but ruined with divorce paper-work signed, sealed and paid for.  In October 2003 Robert was suicidal.  That is when he called upon the LORD for help, surrendering control of his life to God.  A new season dawned and through divine intervention (without formal “rehabilitation”) there would be no divorce, suicide or any further addictive behaviors.  God pulled Robert and his family out of the rubble of their ruined lives, saving them, and flooding their family and circumstances with His healing power

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In 2004 Jesus’ deep compassion for the poor and oppressed people of our society flowed through Robert when he accepted an offer of full-time employment with The Salvation Army in downtown Jacksonville, Florida.  He reports that through choosing to embrace those who are normally considered throwaways he discovered a more complete understanding of the God who saved him.  Immediately after Hurricane Katrina, The Salvation Army sent Robert as a disaster relief coordinator to the stricken Gulf Coast region.  Masses of people who had been stripped of so much that was dear to them gathered around his ministry.  Traumatized, hungry and tired, the disaster stricken people found themselves void of provision just two days after the storm.  That is when God gave Robert the grace to preside over an authentic modern day miracle of loaves (the link produces 9 minutes of streaming audio - this complete testimony).  The desperate people were “fed” to say the least!  God testified to the truth of His Word spoken through Robert and all of those who witnessed the miraculous event that day gave God the credit He deserved, as their Savior and Provider. 

Robert and his wife have demonstrated deep convictions of faith and commitment through their response to Christs intervention in their lives.  For example, after being challenged by Gods word, Robert quit his job in 2005; the couple sold their home, giving away their possessions to benefit the poor (Encarta Dictionary:  Challenge – an invitation to compete in a fight; a situation that tests somebody’s abilities in a stimulating way).  They assert, “Our ability comes from God!”  And “tested” they are.  Their lives provide testimony after testimony of the practical power available through letting go to let God.  Walking with Jesus, they have yet to ask anyone for a place to stay - the living ministry of Christ cares for them.

He and his wife received a solid introduction to missionary service while working for Campus Crusade for Christ from May 2006 through May 2007.  During that year Robert declined an open door to return to the aviation industry as an ATC instructor citing that “God was just making things right.”  Through their time with Campus Crusade Robert raised nearly $100,000 for the cause of Christ (specifically, inner-city ministry). The couple’s financial giving exceeded 70 percent of their personal gross income while with the organization, reflecting the truth that their treasure goes where their heart is.  It was only in response to their perception of God’s call upon their lives that they departed that season of ministry.

After their season with Campus Crusade Robert and Susan spent their time and energies meeting the needs of prisoners, homeless people and abused/neglected children in Northeast Florida while God continued to uphold their journey.

One spring morning in 2009 as Robert woke, he heard the voice of God saying, “Jesus is your ability to shepherd.”  As it were, during that same time frame (within a week), Robert sat reading his Bible one night when the phone rang.  He was reading Isaiah 41:9 when he received “the call” which invited him to consider becoming a pastor in North Dakota.

Isaiah 41:9
  You whom I took from the ends of the earth, and called from its farthest corners, saying to you, “You are My servant, I have chosen you and not cast you off.”

After several months of prayerfully seeking the LORD, Robert and Susan submitted to the call and - as missionaries in the hand of God - moved their family from Jacksonville, Florida, to North Dakota where they, relying on God’s grace, began planting a church.  In 2011, Triumph Christian Center recognized and publicly honored the powerful evidences (grace) given to Robert and Susan, ordaining them as ministers of the Gospel.  Keeping in step with Providence they submitted themselves to the oversight and direction of Pastor Robert Wajokere in 2014.  In April 2016 their church-plant project graduated to run itself under Christ and the assembly prayerfully made Robert their overseer.

1 Timothy 3:1-7 & Titus 1:5-9 have clearly been demonstrated through their deployment in North Dakota and they have been released to transition into thier next works - including the July 2016 scheduled publication of a book which details many of their amazing, God-given endeavors.  The book will be a 15 year memorial to the grace given them since 9/11.  They plan to continue building-out the orphanages in India and Africa, accepting world-wide invitations to speak publically and they remain open to whatever God has in store for them.  

Robert and Susan maintain an acute focus on facilitating the Kingdom of God one living stone at a time by placing the utmost importance upon intimacy with God the Father through faith in Jesus Christ.  Robert teaches the key to true security - he teaches that intimacy with God outweighs all things.  The Creator of the universe testifies to their message with miraculous signs that follow their lives.

From a guiding voice in air traffic control to a guiding voice in eternity
s interests, God still speaks through Robert to help people get home.

He boldly declares that his favorite quote comes from his personal relationship with God Himself,
“Put the weight of your world upon My shoulders and I will put My weight upon your world.”